The #1 software for sports and leisure.


Le #1 des logiciels pour les sports et les loisirs.


Sertizh's intelligent digital solution is part of an omni-channel strategy, aiming to automate as much as possible the tasks in the management of sports and leisure activities and allows to optimize the development of commercial activities by taking into account the needs of the user-consumers via a digital interface adapted to the current mode of consumption, with the current design.

Leisure and sports professionals: save time in the commercial, marketing and internal management of your activity by using Sertizh.

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Optimize the management of your structure by automating your daily tasks.


Facilitate the search and make the online booking of all your sports and leisure services accessible to Internet users.


Activate the levers of growth: communicate, build customer loyalty to deploy your revenue.


Yacht clubs, boat rental and charter companies, independent watersports enthusiasts, nautical bases use Sertizh to make their daily life easier.

Partenaire Sertizh - Vitavoile

Kilian du Couëdic, Windsurfing Champion and director of the Vitavoile sailing school trusts us and uses the Sertizh solution in order to offer online marketing of his courses, gift vouchers, equipment rental and motorboat rental.

Exemple organisation d'événements - Sertizh
Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire

The Yacht Club de Saint-Lunaire, in Brittany, is the organizer of the Raid Émeraude, a regatta of about a hundred crews who come to race between the Pointe du Grouin and Cap Fréhel. In 2019, he trusted us and used Sertizh to propose the registrations of the participants to the regatta the Raid Émeraude, in Saint-Lunaire in June 2019.

Partenaire Club Nautique du Rohu - Sertizh
Club Nautique du Rohu

Jean-Marc Blancho, Director of the Club Nautique du Rohu in Saint-Gildas de Rhuys on the Rhuys peninsula took the digital turn several years ago. He has seen online bookings increase year on year and has always evolved his online services to meet customer needs.


Test your 1st month for free* and without obligation.


≤ 12 activities 100 € ETper month Free Trial


≤ 30 activities 250 € ETper month Free Trial


unlimited activities 500 € ETper month Free Trial

*Excluding transaction fees

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a software in SaaS mode?

    A software in SaaS mode is a software application solution hosted and operated outside the organization or company by a third party, and accessible on demand via an Internet access. It is therefore not necessary to download and install software, an Internet access is enough to have access to it.

  • We offer you to subscribe to Sertizh by monthly direct debit or by annual direct debit the first month of contracting.

  • We offer you to subscribe to Sertizh by monthly direct debit or by annual direct debit the first month of contracting.

  • Additional costs are online transaction fees for online payments, and training fees, which are not mandatory and are covered by the OPCOs. Are there any other fees besides subscription?

  • When you take out your first Sertizh subscription. You have 3 months free before the first payment. These first 3 months allow you to know if Sertizh is the right tool for your activity and your needs before committing yourself financially.

    If you are not satisfied at the end of the 3 months you can stop the Sertizh service free of charge, only the bank transaction fees on reservations with online payment will be deducted automatically.


The team is at your service

Annaïg Lescop - CEO Sertizh
Annaïg Lescop CEO

Spécialiste en e-commerce et en marketing digital, Annaïg Lescop est la fondatrice de l’outil Sertizh (CEO).  Attentive et à l’écoute des professionnels, Annaïg recherche la réponse aux problématiques des structures et entrepreneurs pour les accompagner dans l’optimisation de la gestion et commercialisation de leur offre.

Kenneth Ashworth - CTO Sertizh
Kenneth Ashworth Co-CEO

Kenneth Ashworth (American business development skills) is the co-founder and COO of Sertizh. With 20 years of experience managing 3 startups, he is a technical professional, leading the development of the platform. Kenneth is detail-oriented and ensures the performance of the Sertizh tool.

Lucas Marquet - chef de projet digital Sertizh
Lucas Marquet Digital Project Manager

Lucas Marquet is an expert in digital strategy. Thanks to his specialization in digital art direction, Lucas gives meaning to all communication and marketing actions by creating communication supports in the colors of our Sertizh DNA.

Evan Juge - Dévelopeur Full Stack Sertizh
Evan Juge Full-stack developer

Evan Juge is a full-stack developer at Sertizh. After numerous participations in web development competitions, Evan surfed on the Sertizh wave during his 2 years of internship. Competitor at heart, this young entrepreneur is already a double regional champion and national medalist in web development.


Quiz : Journée Mondiale de la bicyclette

Ce jeudi 3 juin, c'est la journée mondiale de la bicyclette ! Pour les amateurs et professionnels du cyclisme, c'est l'occasion de tester votre culture générale et faire fonctionner vos méninges.

Sell and manage your online activity catalog

Today, being able to sell your business online is a real boost for your company. Especially in these complex times when moving to a point of sale has become more complicated. To be able to sell your services, you need to set up a catalog of activities that will be the showcase of your services.



The #1 software for sports and leisure Powerful, secure, fast and easy to use. Sertizh saves you time and allows you to develop your business.